Mon 19 Feb 2024
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Welcome to our Montrealz Moments Podcast Episode 4

Our episode features a thought provoking and informative conversation with one of Montreal's film/TV industry leaders Simon Peacock (President of ACTRA Montreal).

Topics include: Issues affecting ACTRA (Actor's Union) members, what their role is in the industry, their stance in regards to the Writers Gild/Screen Actors Guild strike that took place in the USA), local film producers lacking support to create local employment and hire local artists and the 10 million dollars of our tax money that our province gave to an American producer to create jobs instead of a local producer. What movie was that and what were the results of it? All public information but very few know what is going on. This is a must to check out for every Montreal artist and every Quebec tax payer to know what is going on in our local industry. 


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