Tue 2 Apr 2024
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Welcome to our Montrealz Moments Podcast show that is is broadcast from Montreal, one of the best multi cultural cities in the world .


In our episode 10, we talk about taxpayer funded organization Sodec's Cour ecrire ton court (which translates as run to write your short). I will share my previous experience with this contest and look at the details of it. How fair of a chance did I really have as a multi ethnic with an English screenplay and share just how subjective analyzing a screenplay can be.

We have waiting for years for someone in the industry to talk about these things and Sodec in an honest and authentic way in an organization that tells people to go to other organizations to get information about it. 

We also look at the fresh and cool comedy webseries Fun with French. My Zensa Media team and I have waited for years to see awesome talent in the multi cultural communities (bill 101 kids) on major network TV shows.  We didn't' see any in recent years that made us feel truly represented,  so we present to you a bilingual comedy series that shows multi ethnics speaking excellent French. Into-Canadian, Greek, Portuguese, Italian alongside francophones and anglophones. A true and authentic representation of Montreal. Filming in Montreal, Los Angeles, Toronto and Florida. 


Hosts: Seema and Alexandra

Tech: Jan Roi Orque

Zensa Media Publicist/PR dept: Edith Cecilia Varga


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