Mon 14 Nov 2022
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Le balado de la Chaire

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Le balado de la Chaire

How will the COVID-19 pandemic affect borders? But is that really the question we should be asking ourselves? In his keynote address, Matthew Longo, Associate Professor at Leiden University, suggests that we should rather look at how pandemics help us justify border expansion. Bringing us through historical changes along the US-Mexico border, he demonstrates how past health situations have influenced how the border is viewed, surveilled and represented.

This keynote address is followed by the concluding remarks pronounced by Élisabeth Vallet, director of the Center for Geopolitics and professor at the Royal Military College of Saint-Jean.

This panel is part of the “Border Walls and Borderlands” conference, organized by the Center for Geopolitics of the Raoul Dandurand Chair.