Wed 12 Oct 2022
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Le balado de la Chaire

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Le balado de la Chaire

Published in September 2022, «Children Crossing Borders. Latin American Migrant Childhoods», edited by Alejandra J Josiowicz et Irasema Coronado, explores the experiences of children living along the US-Mexico border, and those directly impacted by migration. Bringing together three authors - including one of the co-editor of the book - this discussion brings light to various questions tackled in the book. How do children navigate school in a country where they never set foot in before? What are the impacts of deportation on children? What does it mean to work as a child advocate in the US judicial system?

With: Irasema Coronado, professor and director of the School of Transborder Studies at Arizona State University Kathleen Tacelosky, professor of Spanish at Lebanon Valley College Lina M. Caswell, adjunct professor of sociology at several community colleges in New Jersey Hosted by: Andréanne Bissonnette, research fellow Raoul Dandurand Chair

This conference has been organized by the Center for Geopolitics of the Raoul Dandurand Chair, as part of the “Border Walls and Borderlands” conference.