Wed 28 Jul 2021
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The James Bond Complex

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The James Bond Complex

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Hello dear listeners!
We have a confession to make. Back in 2017 when the opportunity came up to create a James Bond themed podcast our collective thought was: we’re not podcasters, but we want that job!
Ahem. That’s enough insider George Lazenby jokes for one week.
More seriously (but barely) it seems rather ludicrous that it’s only after 3 ½ years of releasing episodes that Matt, Edgar, and Jason discuss the film about the very actor that brought them together in Québec City back in September 2017. Yes, on this week’s show they review the Lazenby documentary “Becoming Bond.”
Just as Josh Greenbaum’s endeavour takes a tongue in cheek look at the former Bond’s life, so to do the trio of hosts. They broach topics as broad as: making a movie within a movie, how to pronounce Lazenby’s name (not an issue when typing it!), the James Bond Complex’s origin story, tennis lessons, restraining orders, meeting the wife of Bond actors, and, most shockingly, Jason’s non-Kerri Russell crush.
So sit back, relax, try not to be a larrikin, and enjoy this week’s episode all about the Bond actor who to this day deserves more love than he receives.