Wed 18 May 2022
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It’s PlayStation’s time to shine! Joelle aka comfy.gamer joins us to round-up all the latest from Sony and PlayStation including checking out the list of games coming to PS+, hoping for more PlayStation 5 console stock, Ubisoft + coming to the platform and more. Plus, we get hyped for the next Wholesome Game Showcase and check out the ultimate list of popular gaming terms.
What is Everyone Playing? (00:26:05)
This Week’s News (00:39:35)
PlayStation has revealed its classic games catalog for PS+ (00:39:35)
Sony “predicts” to double sales of PS5 in 2022 (00:47:15)
Ubisoft + coming to Playstation & Xbox (00:49:47)
After Roe v. Wade CEO email gaffe, Sony and Insomniac plan donations (00:50:11)
Fall Guys going free to play in June, with Xbox and Switch release (00:57:32)
Wholesome game showcase incoming! (00:58:58)
Ultimate list of popular, gaming-related terms (00:59:42)

Outro and Wrap-up (01:05:24)
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