Fri 25 Jun 2021
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Subversion Le Metal Show

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L\'épisode no.201 de Subversion disponible en podcasterie avec Deathrow, Voivod, Carcass, Soltice, First Fragment, At The Gates, Jinjer, Artillery, Between the Buried and Me et Thorn. En rediffusion ce vendredi 22hr sur les ondes de CFOU 89,1 FM Trois-Rivières
Subversion 201 - 25 juin 2021
Deathrow - Life Beyond (1992) Life Beyond
Voivod - Technocratic Manipulators (1988) Dimension Hatross
Artillery - Don\'t Belive (1990) Rough Mix 1990
Solstice - The Altruist (2021) Cast the Die
Jinjer - Sit Stay Roll Over (2021) Hellfest (38:00)V
Between the Buried and Me - Fix The Error (2021) Colors II
First Fragment - Pantheum (2021) Gloire Éternelle
Carcass - Kelly\'s Meat Emporium (2021) Torn Arteries
At The Gates - The Fall Into Time (2021) The Nightmare of Being
Thorn - Drowned Serpents (2021) Crawling Worship