Queer Legends: An Oral History Podcast

A new podcast series about the people who built the rainbow, created space and held their own! Discover the artists and activists, performers and politicians and the pivotal moments that impacted how Queers live today. Featuring: Greg Malone of CBC's CODCO, Jane Rule with Linda Morra (PhD), Sex Garage, Small Town Prides, Hot Chocolate by Claudy Philius, author and AIDS historian Sarah Schulman, ACT UP MTL founders Blane Charles and Michael Hendricks, Montreal's 'Park of Hope' AIDS memorial, as well as Linda Dawn Hammond, Richard Burnett, Karen Herland, Ian Capstick, Roger Leclerc, Earl Pinchuck, Douglas Buckley Couvrette (deceased) and many more.Hosted by award-winning broadcaster and journalist, Shawn Dearn.