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I had the pleasure of talking with Ivan Rajković, co-creator of the board game Forest of Radgost, an innovative and immersive narrative and cooperative game in Slavic mythology.  
0:00​-7:00​- Creator\'s presentation 
7:00​-15:00​- Game mechanics and game development 
15:00​-30:00​- Immersion in the game, story, and Slavic mythology 
30:00​-36:00​- Creatures of the game 
36:00​-40:00​- Cards and dices 40:00​-47:00​- Event cards and replayability 
47:00​-55:00​- Characters and their evolution 
55:00​-1:06​- Playtests and testing of the game 
1:06​- end: Kickstarter information  
I invite you to visit the page of the Forest of Radgost Kickstarter:
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