Sat 28 May 2022
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Cold Turkey

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Cold Turkey

Matt Gardiner is a Recovery Coach, Life Coach & Sound Therapist with a passion for helping people rediscover who they truly are.
Matt helps identify where you are on your own \'Hero\'s Journey\' and supports you en route to the 3rd Stage of Rebirth!
He has a knack for helping those who have identified themselves as needing help to control their drinking. This subject, in particular, is very personal for Matt as he has battled with alcohol for most of his adult life.
Matt’s unique training (including 5 Coaching certifications) enables him to help his clients confront & strip away their negative self-talk and any victim mentality they have; they then emerge on the other side ready to take action and “Celebrate the Wins”!
“Take back the control of your life through better words, better breathing & having fun!”
While he is not working with his clients, Matt is the host of 2 podcasts: ‘Electric Soil Podcast’ and ’10 Albums’.
He is also the singer/guitarist in the alt-rock band ‘Ground Level Falcons’, based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Matt is also a huge advocate for the mental & physical health benefits that come with Arts & Creativity.\"